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"I know that I can call co-ordinator for emotional support when needed and the garden visits have been great due to shielding my child we have never seen anyone and to have someone visiting and playing with my child has given us as a family some fun back"
"I feel with this support I have been able to face most challenges without feeling I need to end my life"
"Able to say no and no longer using alcohol as a crutch anymore"
"Made lots of new friends at group and they liked me for me"
"Friends I have made through the Home-Start group have been a great support to me and daughter"
"It’s good to know that everyone is there for you and even giving you that kick up the bum when you need it"
"On-going support from volunteer through text and phone calls, these calls lifted my spirit and I have really missed her company"
"I have now been accepted into collage which has always been my dream"
"Felt more confident I am now in paid employment which I would not have done in the past"
"Feel more confident that I can cope when challenged before I would have gone to pieces"
"I was so lucky having the right volunteer which helped me improve my life"
"Practical things like getting the school lunches, extra food delivered, activity boxes and weekly zoom sessions have been great. Helping me deal with the children when they have been difficult and not listening just being there and knowing I can pick up phone and a staff member will listen and help me"
"So grateful for the emotional support and door step visits. Being allowed to have contact via face time with both staff and volunteer has been fantastic during this pandemic. I enjoyed the zoom calls but due to my physical and mental health have not joined over last few weeks"